The projects list below is intended to give an idea of the more common applications of the expertise at Manufacturer Solutions, LLC.  The list is not comprehensive of our abilities, please contact us for details how we can help regarding your specific project. 440-668-1003; hainesmfg@gmail.com
Project Type Industry Project and Results
Product Design Automotive Estimated construction, costs & pricing for $8.2M in injection molds for the 2023 model year for a molder serving the auto industry
AS9100D Aerospace sensor assembler, 2 locations AS9100D certification preparation, procedure writing, training, internal audits, SABRe prep
IATF 16949 Zinc plater Lost IATF 16949 certification, then called us: recertification:  procedures, internal audits
ISO9001 Auto engine components foundry ISO 9001 first time certification procedures; training; internal audits
IATF 16949 Heavy Power/Automotive Battery manufacturer, 2 Missouri plants IATF 16949 upgrade from 9001 in 7 months; procedures, training; Internal Audits
ISO13485 Medical & aerospace machining ISO 13485 prep; procedures, training, transition, internal audits, interim QM
Lean/ISO Fuel cell components & catalytics manufacturer Lean layout, facility prep, move management, Lean training & implementation, ISO internal audits, auditor training
Lean Rubber molding & compounder 30% throughput increase in paint line; Lean training & implementation, executive coaching, performance based bonus, contract review, recruiting, automation
Training Explosion proof computer manufacturer Procedure improvements, custom training
IATF 16949 Plater IATF 16949 upgrade preparation
ISO9001 Composite web manufacturer ISO transition, procedure simplification, internal audits, auditor training
Lean Pharmaceutical manufacturer Lean training and implementation
Design Injection molder Tesla parts design, fill, cool root cause analysis
ISO9001 Quartz crystal and metal grinding ISO transition, internal audits
ISO9001 Oil & gas, tire mold machine shop Contract Quality Mgr; ISO certification, internal audits
Internal audit International Registrar Contract auditor
Contract VP Forge & CNC machine shop Interim VP Manufacturing, Process improvements to support 25% Sales increase, recruiting, engineering
ISO9001 Toll blender ISO 9001 transition
Lean Hydroponics grower Lean training & implementation to allow 13% decrease in operating expenses.
ISO/Internal audit Rubber compounder ISO procedure simplification, internal audits
ISO9001 Metal stamper ISO transition, procedure simplification, internal audits
ISO9001 Industrial automation service provider, 3 locations ISO 9001 transition, internal audits
ISO9001 Carbide cutter manufacturer ISO transition, internal audits
Product Design Injection molder Medical market entry investigation, estimating, product development
ISO9001 Machine shop ISO compliance
Lean Metal stamper Lean layout
ISO/Internal audit Metal stamper ISO transition, procedure simplification, internal audits
ISO/Internal audit Forging & casting importer ISO certification, internal audit
ISO9001 Printer and assembler ISO 9001 certification, procedures, training
Lean County Economic Development organization Lean, Quality and other training
ISO9001 Lubricant distributor ISO 9001 certification in 6.5 months, procedures, training, internal audits.
ISO9001 Die cutter and assembler ISO 9001 certification preparation
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