Timeline 2016



 Month          Description      Company                                                                                              

January 95 opportunities for improvement identified in an Operations Excellence assessment at an assembly shop Assembly – Industrial Equipment
February ISO 13485 Registrar Findings addressed Machining – Medical & Aerospace
February ISO 9001:2015 standard training Mfr. Solutions LLC
February Lean Best practices GGP chamber
March ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor training Fabrication – Energy
March ISO 9001:2015 upgrade training Fabrication – Energy
March Operations Excellence training Multiple
March 13485 Internal Audits performed Machining
April Call Center opportunities for improvement Security
May Lean plant layout Metal stamper
May 6S Training & implementation tips GGP chamber
June Introduction to Lean Enterprise; Lean Plant layout performed Medical, Pharma
June Medical machine calibration project Medical Devices
July Backup 9001 & 13485 training done for staff Mfr. Solutions LLC
July German Metal Ind. Best practices training Mfr. Solutions LLC
July ISO 9001:2015, 13485:2016, TS16949:2016, AS9100:2016 training by Smithers, Registrar Mfr. Solutions LLC
July Equipment & specification, 2 processes developed Medical Devices
August Incoming Inspection & Engineering process improvements Assembly
August Part design, spec and source stainless process equipment Medical Devices
August Introduction to Lean Best Practices seminar Computer assembly
August 6S & Best Practices training with implementation Kaizen Medical, Pharma
August Injection molded part problems:  part design, material, mold design, process issues Assembly
August 13485 Certification attained Machined Medical components
September Success with Difficult Conversations talk NTMA
September FMEA training & execution Computer assembly
September Medical Device, Regulatory Compliance Forum w/13485:2016 updates, BioOhio Mfr. Solutions LLC
October Medical Device, FDA Regulatory update by BioOhio Mfr. Solutions LLC
October 9001:2015 training Castings & Forgings
November ISO 9001:2015 procedures upgrade completed Castings & Forgings


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