Ty Haines, President, Manufacturer Solutions, LLC 

March 2021

What Do Local Amish Companies and Lean Have in Common? Successful Case Studies!

Two very different companies in nearby Amish country contacted us in 2017 about their immediate and significant needs. Both had heard the testimonials and process overview at one or more Lean Enterprise area events and tours I helped lead. One private company was a wood products manufacturer and the other was a produce grower where the harvest and pack out for retail was a labor intense assembly line. The reasons for our engagement were described as:

  • Improve their ability to compete

  • Running out of space

  • Continuing challenges to get the product out from capacity and throughput constraints

  • Reduce nonvalue added activities like wastes in walking, movement of stock, waiting

  • Need to do more with less regarding cost and organizational issues

Following up with these two companies in 2021 showed stellar results from Lean.

To read more on the outcomes, click here

Getting ready for Lean, ISO9001, AS9100, or IATF16949 for 2021? We Are Ready to Help Onsite or Remote!

  • Get Supplier and Internal Audits up to date for ISO 9000, IATF 16949, AS9100D and ISO 13485

  • Redesign work areas for social distance and/or barriers

  • Put in advanced quality systems as part of the diversified plan to enter medical, aerospace and/or automotive

  • Get the Lean Out! Fix bottlenecks and take waste out of processes while business is slow

  • Get your employees engaged and focused with our hands on training and results driven KaizenetteTM

Whether you do these internally or with Manufacturer Solutions, LLC’s help, one or more are worth your thought. We wish you success and are ready to help!

Caught up in the daily grind? We can help!

Since our team has manufacturing success at various levels and responsibilities, we are focused on delivering value.  Having sat on both sides of the table we are a bit frugal and respect the part of the value formula in keeping the cost down.  Many consulting firms lack the pragmatism, some have never gotten their hands dirty setting a tool or physically running equipment making parts:  we have because it is part of learning the whole operation.

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